Accepted Papers Print

Y. Velegrakis, D. Srivastava, "Uniform Management of Data and Metadata"

S. Souldatos, X. Wu. D. Theodoratos, T. Dalamagas, T. Sellis, "Evaluation of Partial Path Queries on XML Data"

Y. Tzitzikas, Y. Theoharis, D. Andreou, "On Versioning and Archiving Semantic Web Data"

Y. Theoharis, G. Georgakopoulos, V. Christophides, "PoweRGen: A Power-Law Based Generator of RDFS Schemas"

I. Miliaraki, Z. Kaoudi, M. Koubarakis, "XML Data Dissemination using Automata on Top of Structured Overlay Networks"

D. Zeinalipour-Yazti, P. Andreou, P. Chrysanthis, G. Samaras, "Workload-aware Query Routing Trees in Wireless Sensor Networks"

Q. Li, A. Labrinidis, P. Chrysanthis, "ViP: a User-centric View-based Annotation Framework for Scientific Data"

K. Tzoumas, T. Sellis, C. Jensen, "A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Adaptive Query Processing"

L. Hou, M. Yiu, K. Mouratidis, N. Mamoulis, "Capacity Constrained Assignment in Spatial Databases"

D. Sacharidis, K. Patroumpas, M. Terrovitis, V. Kantere, M. Potamias, K. Mouratidis, T. Sellis, "On-Line Discovery of Hot Motion Paths"

R. Johnson, N. Hardavellas, I. Pandis, N. Mancheril, S. Harizopoulos, K. Sabirli, A. Ailamaki, B. Falsafi, "To Share or Not to Share?"

C. Doulkeridis, A. Vlachou, Y. Kotidis, M. Vazirgiannis, "Efficient Similarity Search in Highly Distributed Environments"

A. Vlachou, C. Doulkeridis, K. Norvaag, M. Vazirgiannis, "Efficient Processing of Top-k Queries in P2P Networks"

A. Simitsis, G. Koutrika, Y. Alexandrakis, Y. Ioannidis, "Synthesizing Structured Text from Logical Database Subsets"

E. Baikousi, P. Vassiliadis, "Tuning the top-k view update process"

P. Bouros, D. Sacharidis, T. Sellis, "Caching Dynamic Skyline Queries"

T. Pitoura, P. Triantafillou, "Self-Join Size Estimation in Large-scale Distributed Data Systems"

S. Harizopoulos, D. Abadi, S. Madden, M. Stonebraker, "OLTP Through the Looking Glass, and What We Found There"

K. Stefanidis, E. Pitoura, "Fast Contextual Preference Scoring of Database Tuples"

D. Papadias, Y. Yang, S. Papadopoulos, G. Kollios, "Spatial Outsourcing for Location-based Services"

D. Zeginis, Y. Tzitzikas, V. Christophides, "On Computing Deltas of RDF/S Knowledge Bases"

K. Morfonios, G. Koutrika, "OLAP-Style Explorations of the Social Web"

I. Ntoutsi, A.Kalousis, Y. Theodoridis, "A general framework for estimating similarity of datasets and decision trees: exploring semantic similarity of decision trees"

G. Marketos, E. Frentzos, N. Giatrakos, I. Ntoutsi, N. Pelekis, A. Raffaeta, Y. Theodoridis, "Building Real-World Trajectory Warehouses"

M. Kontaki, A. Papadopoulos, Y. Manolopoulos, "Continuous k-Dominant Skyline Processing in Multidimensional Data Streams"

K. Tsakalozos, M. Tsangaris, A. Delis, "Using the Graphics Processor Unit to Realize Data Streaming Operations"